$ 78.00

WP Captcha Bank is a powerful WordPress plugin which allows you to protect your WordPress website from spam. You can display Captcha on Login Form, Registration Form, Comment Form, Admin Comment form, Contact Bank Form and Hide Captcha for registered users easily.

Main Features

  • Multi-Lingual
  • Different Captcha Type
  • 50+ Settings
  • Display Captcha
  • Case Sensitive Captcha
  • Different Background
  • Display Signature Text
  • Block & Whitelist IP's
  • Supports Contact Bank
  • Auto IP Block

  • Max Login Attempts
  • Block IP Ranges
  • Spam Protection
  • Login Logs
  • Captcha Transparency
  • Global Settings
  • Roles and Capabilities
  • Super Duper Support
  • Free Life Time Updates
  • User Friendly Plugin


Product Description

WP Captcha Bank has been loaded with distinct features to provide you with an ultimate spam protection experience.

It provides you with 18 different types of backgrounds for your Captcha. With WP Captcha Bank you can set Error Message Dynamically when user fills the Captcha code empty or invalid as per your requirement form Message Settings.

It provides you with easily configured settings for noise, distortion, transparency and much more, customizing your Captcha as per your website look and feel.

It also allows you to add different colors and numbers of lines-Dots on your Captcha to increase its level of protection against spam!

Developer Edition provides following features :

  • 5 Installation per License
  • Technical Support
  • Plugin Updates
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Login Logs
  • Captcha General Settings
  • Captcha For Login
  • Captcha For Registration
  • Captcha For Comments
  • Captcha For Admin Comments
  • Captcha For Reset/Lost Password
  • Hide Captcha For Users
  • Captcha Layout Settings
  • Captcha Font Settings
  • Captcha Message Settings
  • Captcha For Contact Bank
  • Roles and Capabilities
  • Block Login IP Address
  • Max Login Attempts
  • Auto IP Block
  • Block IP Ranges
  • Block Single IP Address