Blacklist Whitelist IP Banner

How to Blacklist/Whitelist IP’s in Captcha Bank?

Blacklist and Whitelist, both are basic Access Control Mechanism. Blacklist or Whitelist is generally applied to the elements like email addresses, users, passwords, URLs, IP Addresses, domain names etc.

Add Custom Error Message Banner

How to Add Custom Error Message in Captcha Bank?

Captcha Bank gives you the freedom to add Custom Error Message. You just need to navigate to the Message Setting Menu & there you have to type the error message you want to show in place of default error messages.

Generate Logical Captcha Banner

How to Generate Logical Captcha with Captcha Bank?

Logical Captcha asks some logic based question which protects from false login attempts. These logical questions are based on simple mathematical operations like Arithmetic, Relational and Arrange Order.

How to Setup Sendgrid SMTP with WP Mail Booster

How to Setup SendGrid SMTP with WP Mail Booster?

To set up Sendgrid SMTP, firstly you will need to create a SendGrid Account. If you do not have an account on SendGrid, browse the to create an account. The second thing you need is a Sendgrid API.

How to Setup Office 365 with WP Mail Booster

How to Setup Office 365 SMTP with WP Mail Booster?

You have to set the following details in the WP Mail Booster Plugin in order to configure Office 365 using Username & Password. SMTP Host:, SMTP Port: 587, Username: Office 365 account email.

Google OAuth API with WP Mail Booster

How to Setup Google OAuth API with WP Mail Booster?

WP Mail Booster is the WordPress SMTP plugin used for an efficient email delivery. It is an easy and lightweight plugin which is used to Send Emails, Monitor Emails and also troubleshoot the outgoing Emails easily.

How to Add Google reCaptcha API

How to Add Google Recaptcha API?

Google reCaptcha is the solution to stop spam and abuse on your site. Google reCaptcha is the free service that protects your site from spam and abuse.

How to Setup Mailgun SMTP with WP Mail Bank

How to Setup Mailgun SMTP with WP Mail Bank?

Mailgun is a third-party reliable online email service that is used to send emails through SMTP on the server. Mailgun provides a set of APIs that allow you to receive, track and store email too.

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