Elegant & Attractive Solution to Customize & Integrate the Galleries

Gallery Master is entirely a new way to create Unique & Fascinating galleries. It allows you to upload any images / videos to your Galleries & Albums, add or exclude images, change captions, resize thumbnails & more.

Why Should You Use Gallery Master?

Gallery Master offers a comprehensive interface to handle galleries, images, and video files. You can create dozens of galleries and albums, add tags to each individual image and Import SEO ready Images with a title, meta descriptions, alt tags, and custom links.
Easy Upload

Easy Upload

Gallery Master offers powerful functionality to upload and organize images & video galleries with the ability to bulk upload, delete, rearrange, and potentially sort images. Methods available for uploading Images and Videos are

  • PL Uploader
  • WP Media Manager
  • Upload From FTP
  • Upload Videos
Adapt to anything

Adapt to anything

Unlimited Customization Parameters will help you show your audience the best. Choose any combination of Lightbox and Layout, change Colors, apply Typography and create the most suitable form for your Gallery.

  • Elegant Lightboxes
  • Trendy Layouts
  • Flip / Rotate Images
  • Scale & Crop Images
Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive

Gallery Master is a mobile-ready and SEO friendly gallery plugin that ensures that your web content and assets are easy to read, smooth to navigate and resize dynamically. In essence, it is accessible to visitors in all devices.

  • Device Independent
  • Title & Meta Description
  • Alt Attribute
  • Custom URL

Implement & Manage Gallery

A few simple clicks in the series of steps will take a site owner towards a stunning Photo Gallery.

Gallery Master 1
Gallery Master 2

Essential Gallery Master Elements

Gallery Master is a great option to present your gallery or album. This is a complete management package that allows WordPress users to add captions and custom URLs to an individual image with sort / duplicate / purge features.

Fast & Easy Setup

Fast & Easy Setup

Apply Global Settings & create unlimited beautiful Galleries with few clicks

Tags & Filters

Tags & Filters

Add Custom Tags to each Image in your gallery & let visitors filter out your gallery



Lets you split your galleries into multiple pages & speed up your load time



Make your gallery more dynamic & creative with 50 + advance animations

Key Features

Infinite Galleries & Albums

Gallery Master enables you to create infinite galleries & albums. One can freely add plenty of images and videos to their single gallery. To manage the content, you can add custom tags to each image in your gallery. It also provides a simple-to-use functionality to rename, upload, flip, rotate, crop, copy, move and remove the images.

Perfect for

  • Upload Unlimited Images
  • Custom Tags
  • Custom URL Linking
  • Exclude Any Image / Video

Albums allow you to make your content a bit more creative and sortable. Create and organize galleries, and display them in a compact or extended album formats.

Infinite Galleries and Albums
Multi Column Grid Filmstrip

Multi Column , Grid & Filmstrip Gallery

Gallery Master implements classic grid layout for modern style gallery with different sizes of thumbnails. You can set multiple column layouts for image and video gallery. Column layout allows you to display your content in parts that are visually attractive.

Available Methods

  • Grid Layout
  • Multi Column Layout
  • Filmstrip Gallery

Filmstrip helps you to navigate to a particular image from the lightbox. There are multiple options to customize filmstrip container and images size and styles in it.

Video Gallery

Gallery Master supports video galleries too. you can add videos from different sources. Open your video from an image thumbnail. Gallery Master also supports captions on the video. This option is perfect for displaying your video content on any device.

Available Sources

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Metacafe
  • Facebook
  • Flicker
  • Youku
Sort Galleries and Albums

Sort Galleries & Albums

Sorting Images & Albums means organizes items into a particular order. Gallery Master allows you to organize images through simple drag and drop features, all you need to do is choose the specific gallery or album you want to sort.

Steps to Perform Sorting

  • Choose Gallery or Album
  • Arrange Images
  • Save Changes

Centralized Management

Gallery Master allows you to enjoy a single location where you can see and manage settings like Gallery / Album Cover Image, Title & Description, and meta Information like Total Images / Videos, Created By, Date of Creation, Last Edited By, and Last Edited On.

Action to Perform

  • Delete All Galleries
  • Purge Galleries
  • Duplicate Galleries

Duplicate Gallery feature allows you to set the gallery styles to one place and use similar options for other galleries. This feature reduces work time and gives you a beautiful gallery. While purge images and albums mean to clean unused data.

Centralized Management
Responsive Lightbox

Responsive Lightbox

Lightbox adds a beautiful and responsive ability to your WordPress powered website. Images, videos, and HTML elements automatically change the size correctly on all screen resolutions, and allow easy forward and backward navigation.​

Available Lightboxes

  • Lightcase
  • Fancy Box
  • Color Box
  • Foo Box
  • Nivo LightBox

Lightbox provides your visitors the opportunity to look closer at any image and find all its data.

Autoplay Options

You can enable and disable the autoplay feature in the Gallery Master. When you set it to be enabled, your gallery runs automatically when the page loads. The image slideshow runs continuously in a loop. The main purpose of autoplay is to get the user's attention. You can set the time interval on which the image changes in the slideshow.

Action to Perform

  • Enable / Disable Autoplay
  • Set Intervals
  • Transition Effects & Speed
Autoplay Option
Trendy Layout Style

Trendy Layout Styles

Gallery Master offers you 8 exceptional beautiful galleries and album layouts. Style your layout with border, background, shadow, hover style, and many other options. Compact Layout & Extended Layout are the two stylish album layouts.

Create & Display Galleries With

  • Slideshow Layout
  • Masonry Layout
  • Thumbnail Layout
  • Image Browser Layout
  • Justified Grid Layout
  • Blog Style Layout
  • Compact Album Layout
  • Extended Album Layout

Extended Albums display content as a list. Thumbnail is shown on the left side & gallery caption on the right. In Compact Albums, each thumbnail is shown as a grid.

Global Options

Gallery Master allows you to set dimensions of images and thumbnails globally. All the images you upload will have the same dimensions defined in the global settings unless you change the dimensions.

Action to Perform

  • Set Image & Thumbnail Dimensions
  • Enable / Disable Right Click Protection
  • Language Direction ( LTR, RTL )

There are some more settings that you can perform globally like enable/disable Right Click Protection for images and set Language Directions from left to right or vice versa.

Global Options
Tags and Filtering

Tags & Filtering

Tags are like the categories of your images in the gallery. Allows you to filter your images in different categories. Images with the same tag name are displayed in the same category. This method usually adds a modern touch to your gallery and makes your gallery very interesting to your user. Add tags to your images for better organization and management.

Available Settings

  • Active Tag Color
  • Add / Manage Tags
  • Background & Transparency
  • Typography
  • Hover Setting
  • Border Style

Lazy Loading Images

Gallery master offers you a load more technique. It specifically helps you when you have a gallery with a large number of images to display. All images are loaded into a bunch. This is an attractive way to load all your images without losing user interaction.

Available Lazy Load Settings

  • Text to Display
  • Text Typography
  • Loader Color
  • Background Color
Lazy Load Images
Search and Order By Filter

Search & Order By Filters

Make sure your images come in the way you want. By setting order, you allow the images to be set to load on the page. You can set the sorting order as a custom order, title, date, file name, type, random order. You can also set whether the images should be displayed in ascending order or in descending order.

Order By Options

  • Title
  • Date
  • Filename
  • Type
  • Custom Order
  • Random Order

Find media items and galleries through Search Bar option. Enable the option to make it visible at the front end. Apply some style to make it even more advanced and you're ready to go.

Cool Captions

Gallery Master allows you to add title and description to each thumbnail, gallery, and albums. The entire image gallery looks vibrant and accurate with the caption. A wide range of text can be represented and can be styled according to your requirement.

Available Settings

  • HTML Tags & Alignment
  • Typography
  • Margin & Padding

You can enable / disable title and descriptions for thumbnails, galleries, and albums. In addition, you can create separate caption styles for each layout.

Watermark Protection

Watermark Protection

Watermark is a way to protect your images on the web. It improves safety by separating your images on the Internet. Gallery Master provides easy-to-use settings to set up watermarks on your gallery. You do not have to spend a lot of time enabling this feature.

Available Settings

  • Text / Image
  • Watermark Size & Position
  • Angle & Offset
  • Font Style

You are free to add text or image as your watermark. Select different options like position, angle, typography, and you are all the sets.​

Page Navigation

Paging is a great option for limiting images per page when you have a large gallery that has dozens of images to display. In a nutshell, pagination allows you to split multiple WordPress galleries or albums into several pages to make your website faster and easier for visitors to see.

Available Settings

  • Enable Numbering
  • Border Settings
  • Button Style
  • Background Settings
  • Position
  • Typography
  • Alignment
  • Margin & Padding

Gallery Master offers you many options to customize the pagination for your gallery.​

Page Navigation


Gallery Master allows you to brand your galleries and albums by displaying advertisements. You're free to add text or images to your ads. You can also add specific URL to your ads to link them to a particular place.

Types Available

  • Image
  • Text

Gallery Master allows you to customize advertisement settings with typography, height, width, and position. You will need to click on the image to see the advertisement.​

Geometric Hover Effects

Gallery Master gives you three different geometric hover effects. These effects add a remarkable look to your gallery and empower visitors to stay on the page for a long time. You need to set the dimension for each hover effect with transition time.

Available Hover Effects

  • Rotate ( Set Dimensions in Degree )
  • Scale ( Height & Width )
  • Skew ( Set Dimensions in Degree )
Geometric Hover Effects
Special Image Effects

Special Image Effects

Gallery Master supports 8 different image load effects that enhance your Gallery & Albums. These effects show or hide on mouse over event & provide a unique aesthetic look.

Available Special Effects

  • Blur
  • Sepia
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Invert
  • Saturate
  • GrayScale
  • Hue Rotate

Multiple Galleries & Albums

Gallery Master allows you to add many galleries on the same page. Precisely, you can add multiple shortcodes to a single page or post.

Perfect For

  • Multiple Shortcode

Gallery Master works exceptionally well in displaying different tags, filters, animations on each shortcode on the same page. You can also display multiple albums on the same page or post with multiple shortcodes.

Multiple Galleries and Albums
Shortcode Wizard

Shortcode Wizard

Gallery Master enhances its functionality by providing the shortcode wizard. Developed to easily add gallery / albums / images to any of your pages or posts. Follow the simple shortcode steps to go from zero to an amazing gallery and place your shortcode anywhere.

Embed Shortcode on

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Widgets

Gallery Widgets

Widgets allow your gallery to appear in your page, sidebar or footer and wherever you want it! Using Widgets and Shortcode, you can easily insert your gallery or album into a page / post or integrate as a widget. Widgets are great for displaying your gallery structure on your website.

Widget Placements

  • Page Sidebar
  • Footer
Gallery Widget

Image Customization & Gallery Styling

Gallery Master offers many amazing styling features to make your gallery special and unique. To move your gallery to the next level, simply choose the style option and immerse it.







Line Height

Line Height











Border Style

Border Style

Hover Style

Hover Style



Margin Control

Margin Control

Padding Control

Padding Control

Delete Images

Delete Images

Move Image

Move Image

Copy Image

Copy Image

Rotate Image

Rotate Image

Scale Image

Scale Image

Flip Image

Flip Image

Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio

Restore Image

Restore Image

Crop Image

Crop Image

Adjust Brightness

Adjust Brightness

Adjust Contrast

Adjust Contrast

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Gallery Master? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

You can install Gallery Master on Unlimited Sites.

Absolutely not. Gallery Master is carefully built with performance in mind.

We have tested it on extremely high traffic websites to ensure that it scales without having any performance issues.

Yes, Gallery Master has full translation and localization support via the gallery-bank text domain.

All .mo and .po translation files should go into the languages folder in the base of the Plugin.

You will get a notification about the Gallery Master in your WordPress Back-End whenever an update is available.

You can update it automatically with just a click.

You can expect that Gallery Master will get improved, optimized, and bug-free plugin every time you will update.

A changelog about various updates is available on our website.

Yes! It is required to renew your license whenever it gets expired.

Once your license expires, you would not be able to use the product.

Moreover, you will miss the latest updates and support from us.

For this reason, we suggest purchasing the Lifetime License.

Gallery Master Pro Edition offers you Full Features, Support & Updates for Unlimited Sites.

Gallery Master Developer Edition offers you Full Features, Support & Updates for Unlimited Sites with Contact Bank, Backup Bank, Coming Soon Booster & Captcha Bank Pro Edition.

Whereas Agency Edition offers Full Features with Support & Updates for Unlimited Sites with Captcha Booster, Clean Up Optimizer, Coming Soon Booster, Contact Bank, Facebook Like Box, Google Maps Bank, WP Mail Bank & Limit Attempts Booster Pro Edition.

Absolutely yes! You can upgrade your license at a prorated rate by contacting our customer support.

No, it won’t break the site at all, but you will lose the control from existing reports such as Email Reports. It just gets locked.

Sure. You can upgrade just by paying the difference of what you have paid us already. Please get in touch with us, and we will help you with the upgrade process.

Unfortunately, we don’t support downgrading any of our products.

PayPal is the only payment gateway that Tech Banker supports.

We proudly provide active one-to-one support to our customers via our Ticket System.

We firmly believe in and stand behind our products 100%.

But we understand that it cannot work precisely for everyone.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money.

You can apply for a refund within 14 days of purchase [ Terms & Conditions Apply ].

No problem. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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