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How To Delete Your Default Admin User Name Safely? - Tech Banker
How To Delete Your Default Admin User Name Safely?

How To Delete Your Default Admin User Name Safely?

Ever tried to change your default WordPress username? And found that it cannot be changed.

In this article, we will tell you two easy methods to change your WordPress username safely.

What is WordPress Administrator Account?

The administrator account is the default account name in the WordPress. Administrator, which means it holds the most powerful access in every WordPress site. Admin can insert malicious code, edit all pages, post and in the worst case – delete your site completely.

But most of the WordPress sites are running “admin” as their username, and the hacker could easily crack your password and username or simply hack your WordPress site.

Do you want to fall into that category? Absolutely not. So never use “admin” as a username for your WordPress website.

There are many ways to change your default WordPress username:

1. Manually by creating a new user with administrator rights.

2. By changing the username in phpMyAdmin.

Method 1) How to change the WordPress Admin Name Manually?

Before you start always sure that you have the backup of your database if you are self-hosted.

1. Firstly, log in to your dashboard and on the left-hand menu, hover to Users and select Add New.

2. Now use a different Email Account for your WordPress that you used for your default username ( no two users can have the same email). For your site security, you can change that later if you want.

3. Choose a strong Password. None of this ABCD, 123456 or other non-sense. Use new passwords of at least 16 characters including upper and lower case letters, numbers and at least 3 special characters.

4. Don’t forget to assign yourself the Role of Administrator. This is the most important step because once you delete your old username, this is the only way you will have full access to your site.

5. Log Out of the admin account.

Logout From Admin Account

6. Log In with the new user account.

New User Account

7. Now go back to the dashboard and click on users and you will see both of your old username and new usernames.

8. Delete your old user like admin and when you click on delete, you will get the page below.

Delete Old Admin

9. The most important step is: Confirm the deletion.
Before deleting the old username, tick on Attribute all content to for save the contents of posts and pages that you have previously created with the old admin account.

10. From the drop-down menu, choose the New Admin Username. Finally, Confirm Deletion.

Note: What happens if you don’t do this? All of your posts and pages will disappear in the blink of an eye!

Method 2) How to change the WordPress admin name with phpMyAdmin?

1. Login to your cPanel and go to phpMyAdmin. Then Login to the phpMyAdmin area or it will redirect you directly.

2. Inside the PHPMyAdmin, select your WordPress database and follow the below instructions.

3.  Inside your WordPress database, search for wp_users table and click on the browse button.

Wp User Table From Database

4.  You will see your username and the encrypted form of the password. Now. Click on the edit icon to change your WordPress login credentials.

Edit Wp User Table

5. After that enter the new username in front of the user_login and a new password in front of the user_pass fields.

Add New Username and Password

That’s all, we hope this article helped you how to safely change your default admin name.

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