How to Embed a Facebook Video in WordPress?

How to Embed a Facebook Video in WordPress?

How to Embed a Facebook Video in WordPress?

Do you want to add facebook videos in the WordPress? So this article helps you to know about different methods to add videos.

But, Why to Add Facebook Videos in WordPress?

As we live in the 21st century, so each person wants information about their queries in fast and by an easy method.

So, embed facebook videos and tutorials into the post and pages of your WordPress site and make user much attractive and informative towards your content.

The Different Ways to Add Facebook Videos

1. Add Facebook Video by using a URL.

2. Embedding Facebook Videos via Shortcode.

3. By using Embedded Video Player Configurator.

4. Embed Videos by WordPress Plugin.

Method 1) Add Facebook Video by using a URL

1. The basic technique to add a Facebook video is firstly open your desired facebook videos in the browser.

All Videos Facebook

2. Now Copy the URL from the browser.

3. Lastly, Paste the URL into your WordPress editor as shown below:

Copy URL

Finally, visit your website to see the Facebook video in action.

Method 2) Embedding Facebook Videos via Shortcode

The next option is to use the shortcode to add facebook video in your site.

1. For this firstly open the facebook video and in the right side click on the three tabs.

2. Then select the Embed option to get the code.

Select Embed Option In Facebook

3. This will open a new window with the embed shortcode as shown in the image:

Iframe Code Post

4. Copy that and Paste into your text editor as shown below:

Iframe Code Into Text Editor

5. After adding the iframe code, this will look like this:

Iframe Video

Method 3) By using Embedded Video Player Configurator

Use Embedded Video Player Configurator to add videos in the WordPress site.
1. Enter the URL of your desired video in the URL of Video section.

2. Click on Get Code this will generate a popup on the screen.

Embed Video Player Configurator

3. This video player creates two snippets. The first snippet contains code which is needed to add in the child theme by editing header.php.

4. On the other hand, the second snippet gives the facebook video embedding script for adding specified video URL in the configurator.

5. So, Copy and Paste the second code into your WordPress text editor.

Java Script Sdk

Method 4) Embed videos by WordPress Plugin

Furthermore, if any kind of reason the above methods not convenient for your requirements. Then, use WordPress plugin which gives the feature to embed facebook video in the WordPress.

WP Embed Facebook is a WordPress plugin used by the worldwide to embed facebook videos. The plugin has both free and premium edition.

Facebook Embed Plugin
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