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How to Fix the WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error?

How to Fix the WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error?

How to Fix the WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error?

Have you ever seen the WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error? This error is very frustrating because it is not easy to figure out – what is the actual cause of this error?

Due to this error, the site owners get worried as what should be done in such cases. In this article, I’ll discuss how to fix the WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error.

Causes of WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error

One of the most common reasons for this error is when the script or users attempt to make many requests on the server. It is the safety measure to prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on websites. Sometimes this error occurs when a script on your Site tries to make multiple requests to another service or website using an API.

Now Let’s take a look at how to quickly fix 429 too many requests error in WordPress.

Methods to Fix 429 Too Many Requests Error

Method 1) Deactivate Plugins

The most common reason for such an error is the use of a corrupt plugin on your website. When the Plugins tries to make a lot of requests to your site, then it helps in promoting 429 too many requests error. Sometimes, These requests to your Website are made and are rejected by the server with such an error.

So, what to do if the error is due to the plugin? Just Deactivate all the Plugins on your Website.

1. Go to the Plugins Page.

2. Select all the Plugins.

3. Now, select Deactivate and click on the Apply button.

Deactivate all Plugins

After deactivating all the plugins, visit your Site to check if the error still exists. If the error is gone, this means this is due to one of the plugins you have activated. Now, it is clear that the error occurred due to one of the activated plugins.

Go back to the Plugins Page and activate plugins one by one. Check your website after each activation and find the culprit plugin. After finding the Culprit plugin, deactivate that and replace with the alternative one.

Method 2) Switch to a Default Theme

If the issue is not with the plugins, the next doubt goes to the WordPress theme which is currently activated. Just switch to the default theme such as twenty Seventeen. That is the simplest way to verify whether the theme is responsible for this issue.

If this resolves the issue, find another theme, or report the matter to the Theme Developer. They can fix this issue.

Method 3) Contact Your Hosting Provider

Most of the time, you’ll see this error in third-party services that need access to your site. This may be the cause of search engines, web apps, and Google crawlers.

If you are noticing this error in Google Search console or any third-party service, then most possible they are sending too many requests to your website. Some are useful and many of them harmful and try to your server resources busy.

In that case, contact your Host Provider and ask them not to block those requests.

I hope this article helps you to fix such type of error in WordPress.
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