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How to Generate Logical Captcha with Captcha Bank? - Tech Banker

How to Generate Logical Captcha with Captcha Bank?

How to Generate Logical Captcha with Captcha Bank?

How to Generate Logical Captcha with Captcha Bank?

Captcha is mainly used for security purpose it assures that the user is only human, not computer or bots because humans are only capable of resolving captcha.

What is Logical Captcha?

CAPTCHA ( Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart ) is a technique that differentiates between humans and computers or bots.

Logical Captcha asks some logical or mathematical questions instead of distorted images or audios which protects from false Login Attempts.

In Captcha Bank, these logical questions are based on simple mathematical operations like Arithmetic, Relational and Arrange Order. These questions are easy to answer for human but difficult to answer for the computer or bots.

Steps to Generate Logical Captcha?

In Captcha Bank scroll to Wizard menu and choose the Captcha Type as Logical Captcha.

Captcha Type in Generate Logical Captcha

Click on Next Step Button to proceed to Captcha Setting Wizard.

In Captcha Setting wizard, Choose any of the Mathematical Operation from the dropdown list. You can choose any operation according to your choice.

1. In Arithmetic option, four type of Arithmetic actions available: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. You tick all checkboxes either one or more than one.

Arithmetic Captcha Settings in Generate Logical Captcha

2. In Relational option, two type of Relational actions available: Largest Number and Smallest Number.

Relational Captcha Settings in Generate Logical Captcha

3. In Arrange Order option, two type of Arrange Order actions available: Ascending Order and Descending Order.

Arrange Order Captcha Sttings in Generate Logical Captcha

After Captcha Setting, click on Next Step button to proceed to Choose Form wizard.

There are the list of form is available on which you want to display captcha. Choose the Forms according to your requirement.

Choose Form in Generate Captcha

The default WordPress Forms are enabled by default whereas all the third party plugins need to be activated for applying captcha.

After choosing the form click on the Next Step button to proceed to Confirm the wizard.In Confirm wizard you can see the Captcha Live Preview.

After that click on Save Changes button.

Captcha Live Preview in Generate Logical Captcha

We hope this article helped you generating the Logical Captcha with Captcha Bank WordPress Plugin. You may also want to see our Captcha Bank guide to generate captcha with Text Captcha and Google reCaptcha.

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