How to Generate Text Captcha with Captcha Bank?

How to Generate Text Captcha with Captcha Bank?

How to Generate Text Captcha with Captcha Bank?

Before we start the plan of generating a Text Captcha on your site, let’s quickly discuss what is captcha all about.

What is Captcha?

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Captcha is a modern technique used to ensure website security. Only humans are capable of solving a Captcha, not bots or computers.

Captcha is mainly a collection of distorted images with text or numbers. The text or numbers are in such a way that bots or any computer program are not able to solve the captcha. There is no such algorithm available that would help bots to solve the captcha. Only human eyes can read the captcha.

Now follow the following steps to generate a Text Captcha with Captcha Bank:

The first step you should obey is, choose Text Captcha on Wizard page under Captcha Type Option.

Generate Text Captcha Wizard Setup

After choosing the Text Captcha, click on the Next Step button.

Next, you will see the Captcha Settings. And under Captcha Settings, you will have Configuration, Layout Design, and Signature tabs.

Under the Configuration Tab, you have multiple settings to set the appearance of your Text Captcha. And the settings include the Number of Characters for creating captcha image, Character Type( Alphabets and Digits, Only Alphabets, and Only Digits ), Text Case ( Upper Case, Lower Case, and Mixed ), directly enable or disable the Case Sensitive property, Text TransparencyNumber of Lines and Noise Level to be used inside the captcha.

Generate Text Captcha Configuration Tab

The next will be the Layout Design Tab. Under this, you will have the following settings.

  • Set Captcha Width
  • Set Captcha Height
  • Set Captcha Background Pattern
  • Change Captcha Font Family
  • Change Captcha Text Style
  • Change Captcha Border Style
  • Change Captcha Line Color, Noise Color, and Shadow Color.
Generate Text Captcha Layout Design Tab

In Signature Tab, you have to set the Text for the signature. You can also style the signature by changing the Font FamilyFont Color, and Font Style.

Generate Text Captcha Signature Tab

When you are done with all the styling, you can proceed to the Next Step.

Select the form where you want to show your captcha by just clicking on the checkbox.

Choose Form in Generate Captcha

For the default WordPress Forms, all the checkbox are enabled by default. Whereas all the third party plugins need to be activated for applying captcha.

After selecting the form, your text captcha is ready for applying. You can Preview your Text Captcha by clicking on the Next Step Button. Click on Save changes and all done.

Generate Text Captcha Preview Settings

We hope this article helped you generating the Text Captcha with Captcha Bank WordPress Plugin. You may also want to see our Captcha Bank guide to generate captcha with Logical Captcha and Google reCaptcha.

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