How to Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts?

How to Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts?

How to Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts?

WordPress automatically displays the name of the author after publishing the post. It is one of the most beneficial features of WordPress. In every WordPress Post, there are many instances when you want to remove and change the name of the author. Without the author name, there is no choice to publish the article in the WordPress.

Below are the easiest ways to remove the author name from your WordPress post.

Method 1) Remove Author Name from WordPress post using a Plugin

To remove the author name from WordPress post it is the easiest way but, it is not compatible with all WordPress themes.

1. Firstly, You need to install and activate the Show Hide Author plugin.

2. After activating the plugin, click on Show/Hide Author menu under the Plugins menu to configure the plugin settings.

Configure Show Hide Author Plugin Settings

This plugin will automatically hide the author name from all the post.

If you want to show author name for the particular post type, then you need to select it on this screen. You can also hide the author name by adding Custom URL below the Post Types.

Provide Custom Url To Hide Or Show Author

This plugin can hide the Author Name, but your WordPress theme still shows a text before author name. For example, ‘by’ Thomas would now just show ‘by’ only.

Shown By Text In Post

To hide ‘by’ line, you must log in to your website and hover the mouse over the word to hide. Next, Press the right click and select the Inspect from your browser menu. Find the div class including author byline.

Inspect By Word In Browser

Copy the CSS class and then paste in the Advanced Option that used in the plugin settings. Click the Save Changes button to save your settings.

How to Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts? 1

Method 2) Manually Remove Author Name from WordPress Post

In this method, you need to edit theme files of WordPress. If you are familiar with coding, You can use this method to remove the Author Name from the post. Before making any changes, create the backup of your theme or child theme. If something goes wrong, this will help you.

To display the author name, WordPress uses the different type of code. Now, Find the code that shows the author name in your theme file and remove it. This code mostly finds out in single.php, content.php, archive.php, and index.php files.

In many cases, you are unable to locate the code that outputs the author name. Find the template tag defined in the functions.php or template-tags.php file. For example, the function used by Twenty Seventeen Theme to show the author name is twentyseventeen_posted_on. This function defined in the template-tags.php file. Then click on the Update File and visit your site to check the Remove Author Name from WordPress Post is done.

How to Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts? 2

Creating Generic Author Name to Publishing WordPress Posts

If you want to create a generic Author Name then, it would not delete the name of the author from the post and can be used for all the posts, by changing the name of the author before publishing the post.

This method is unchangeable. If you want to undo your changes then, you have to edit each post and then assign it back to its original author manually.

1. Firstly, you have to Add a new author to your site and gives a generic author name.

Add New User For Generic Author

2. Next, Then you need to visit Users >> All Users and below the new username click on the Edit link.

Click on Edit Link of New User

3. Now on the user profile screen, scroll down to the Nickname option and enter the name you want to display.

4. Next, Click on the drop-down menu next to Display name publicly as option and choose the nickname you just entered.

Change Settings of Display Name Publicly As

5. Also, you can add a generic bio and create a gravatar for that user account.

6. Now click on Posts >> All Posts pages and click on the Screen Options menu at the top. Enter 999 to show the number of items.

Edit Screen Options

For a large number of post WordPress quickly allow you to edit and change the name of the author for a large number of posts.

7. Just choose all the posts by using the checkbox, then select Edit under the bulk actions drop-down menu. After that click on the Apply button to continue.

Edit All Post From Checkbox

8. From bulk editing option, change the author to the generic author name that you added earlier and click on the Update button.

Edit Author Name In Post

Now, All the selected posted are updated and the name of the author changes to generic author name. Maybe this process takes some time it depends on how fast your WordPress hosting is.

I hope this article helps you to Remove Author Name from WordPress Post.

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