How to Setup Mailgun SMTP with WP Mail Bank?

How to Setup Mailgun SMTP with WP Mail Bank?

How to Setup Mailgun SMTP with WP Mail Bank?

Mailgun is a third-party reliable online email service that is used to send emails through SMTP on the server. Mailgun provides a set of APIs that allow you to receive, track and store email too.

What will you need?

  • A Mailgun Account. If you do not have an account on Mailgun, click here to create an account.
  • A Domain Name.
  • An API Key.

For configuring Mailgun SMTP with WP Mail Bank you need to have API Key And Domain Name. Here is the step by step guidelines to access Mailgun SMTP credentials ( API Key And Domain Name ).

Let’s do not waste the time and start the tutorial.

Step 1: Configuring Mailgun SMTP with WP Mail Bank

Scroll to WP Mail Bank Menu and choose Setup Wizard.

Provide data for From Name and From Email fields that will be using in place of Sender Name and Sender Email respectively.

Setup Wizard

After setting Basic Info, click on the Next Button.

Select the Mailer Type » Mailgun API from the drop-down.

Provide API Key and Domain Name for configuring Mailgun. You can do this by click on the link ( Get Mailgun API Key).

Click Get Mailgun Api Key

Step 2: Get Mailgun SMTP Credentials

The first thing you need to do is to create an account with Mailgun.

The credentials that you have to enter are little different from other third-party services. Mailgun uses API Key and Domain Name for configuration.

First, Log in to your Mailgun Account.

Login to Mailgun

After Login to your Mailgun account, you will be on the homepage.

Click on Domains Tab, it will take you to the page showing Add New Domain for your account.

Add New Domain

Click on Add New Domain button.

Now, add your domain like ( Mailgun recommends you using a subdomain like, with the help of using subdomain you will be able to send emails from your root domain, like )

Mailgun Click Add Domain

Next, you will be redirected to a new window containing the Domain Name and API Key details.

Get Mailgun Api Key

And that’s all, you need for configuring Mailgun SMTP with WP Mail Bank.

Now go back to the WP Mail Bank Setup Wizard, Paste the Domain Name and API Key.

Fill Mailgun Api Key Domain

Step 3: Confirm the Settings

Send Mail using Mailgun

Note: You can only send emails to your CC and BCC if and only if they are listed in Authorized Recipients. So, you have to add them to Authorized Recipients in order to receive emails in Mailgun.

Invite Recipients Mailgun

We hope this article helped you configuring the MailGun with WP Mail Bank WordPress Plugin. You may also want to see our WP Mail Bank configuration guide with G suiteYahoo SMTPSendGrid SMTP and, Office 365.

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