How to Setup Office 365 SMTP with WP Mail Bank?

How to Setup Office 365 SMTP with WP Mail Bank?

How to Setup Office 365 SMTP with WP Mail Bank?

It is very common to receive Email Delivery issues in WordPress but this can be fixed by using WP Mail bank for safe and authenticated email delivery. In this article, we tell you how to Setup Office 365 SMTP with WP Mail Bank to send emails.

Here are some ways you can fix email delivery issues on WordPress site.

List of all of the SMTP Providers you can use with WP Mail Bank to set up SMTP on your site:

Note: Office 365 works best with the following versions of outlook.

  • Office 2016.
  • Office 2013 ( SP1 ).
  • Outlook 2010 ( SP2 ).
  • Office 2016 for Mac.

If you want to check which version of outlook you are using, please visit the link.

Here is the step-by-step guide on setting up WP Mail Bank WordPress plugin with Office 365.

First of all, you have to scroll to the WP Mail Bank Menu & choose the Setup Wizard.

Next, provide data for From Name and From Email fields that will be using in place of Sender Name and Sender Email respectively. After that, Click on Next Step button to proceed.

Setup Wizard

Now, you need to choose Mailer Type » Sent Email By SMTP.

You can configure Office 365 using two methods :

1. Username & Password

2. OAuth ( Application ID & Secret Key )

Method 1: Username & Password

You have to set the following details in the WP Mail Bank WordPress plugin in order to configure Office 365 using Username & Password.

SMTP Host:
SMTP Port: 587
Username: Your Office 365 account email
Password: Your Office 365 account password
Encryption: TLS

Office 365 Account Setup Login

Note: This is all you need to set up Office 365 with Username & Password. If you are not using Username & Password to configure Office 365, follow the next step for office 365 configuration with OAuth.

Method 2: OAuth ( Application ID & Secret Key )

You can configure Office 365 with OAuth Authentication. To do so, you have to provide Application ID and Secret Key. Try out the details mentioned below to configure Office 365 with oAuth.

SMTP Host:
SMTP Port : 587
Client ID: Your Office 365 account application ID
Secret Key: Your Office 365 account secret key
Encryption: TLS

Office 365 Account Setup OAuth

How to get Client ID & Secret Key for Office 365 SMTP?

Click on the link given along with Client ID label Or visit here.

Office 365 Get Client Id Secret Key

Now, you are redirected to a new window asking you to Create an Application.

How to Setup Office 365 SMTP with WP Mail Bank? 1

Give a suitable Name ( Example: WP Mail Bank Configuration ) for your application and click on the Create Application button.

Next, you will see a window showing Application ID and Application Secret.

Office 365 OAuth Credential

Copy the credentials one by one and Paste them back in your WP Mail Bank settings.

Office 365 OAuth Client Secret Details

You must have seen the Redirect URI below the Client ID and Secret Key fields, copy that URL and Paste it in Office 365 application.

Office 365 OAuth Redirect Url

After pasting Redirect URL, click on the Save Changes button.

Go back to your WP Mail Bank Configuration window. This is the time you have to check whether your configuration is correct or not. Click on Next Step button.

Grant permission to Microsoft to allow WP Mail Bank to access it. Click on Yes button.

Office 365 OAuth Access Info

Confirm the Settings

Visit Send Test Email menu to test your emails.

Send Test Email

Here is your debugging output. From this, you can check whether your email sent or not.

Office 365 Debugging Output

We hope this article helped you configuring the Office 365 SMTP with WP Mail Bank WordPress Plugin. You may also want to see our WP Mail Bank configuration guide with G suite, Yahoo SMTP, SendGrid SMTP and, MailGun SMTP.

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