How to Setup SendGrid SMTP with WP Mail Booster?

How to Setup SendGrid SMTP with WP Mail Booster?

SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery service that is used for transactional and marketing email. It also allows tracking email, unsubscribes, bounces, and spam reports.

What will you Need?

  • A SendGrid Account. If you do not have an account on SendGrid, click here to create an account.
  • A SendGrid API. For configuring SendGrid SMTP with WP Mail Booster you need to have SendGrid API Key.

Here is the step by step guidelines to access SendGrid SMTP credentials ( API Key ).

Step 1: Configuring SendGrid SMTP

Scroll to WP Mail Booster Menu and click on Wizard Setup.

Provide data for From Name and From Email fields that will be using in place of Sender Name and Sender Email respectively.

WP Mail Booster Account Info

After setting Basic Info, click on the Next Step Button.

In the next window, Select Mailer Type » SendGrid API from the drop-down.

Now you need to provide SendGrid API Key for configuring SendGrid with WP Mail Booster. You can get this API key by clicking on the link ( Get SendGrid API Key ).

WP Mail Booster Sendgrid Smtp Login Credentials

Step 2: Get SendGrid SMTP Credentials

Select the plan you want to use for SendGrid configuration by visiting SendGrid pricing. You can register for the free plan too. Visit SendGrid Pricing to select the plan you want to use for SendGrid Configuration.

After registration, confirm your Email Address. Then Login to your SendGrid Account.

Login SendGrid Account

Go to your SendGrid Account and under Settings » API Keys, click on Create API Key.

Create Sengrid Api Key

Fill in the details for configuration of SendGrid API Key with WP Mail Booster.

Provide API Key name and set the API Key Permissions to Full Access ( API Key Permissions » Full Access ).

Create Sendgrid Api Kley

Next, you have to click on the Create & View button.

View Sendgrid Api Key

Here is your SendGrid API Key, now Copy and Paste the key to somewhere safe place because due to security reasons it will not be shown to you again.

Go back to WP Mail Booster Wizard, Paste the API Key.

WP Mail Booster Sendgrid Smtp Login Credentials Added

Step 3: Verify Settings

Click on Next Step and check your emails to confirm that the email was sent successfully.

WP Mail Booster Sendgrid Smtp Debuging Output

We hope this article helped you configuring the SendGrid SMTP with WP Mail Booster WordPress Plugin. You may also want to see our WP Mail Booster configuration guide with Google OAuth API, Yahoo SMTP, Office 365 SMTP, MailGun SMTP.

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