How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site ?

How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site ?

How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site?

Do you need to upload a pdf file to your WordPress site? Uploading a pdf file to your WordPress site is very easy and simple job.

1) Upload PDF Files in Posts and Pages

1. First, edit that post or page where you want to upload the PDF file.

2. Place your cursor exactly where you want to place the text link.

3. Click on the Add Media button.

Click on Add Media

4. Next, click on Select Files button to select the PDF file you need to upload.

Select Media File

5. Select the PDF file that you want to upload.

6. Below the ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS, select Link To Media File.

Provide Attachment Display Settings

Now, WordPress will import your PDF file to the media library. Once uploaded, you’ll view the preview of your PDF file.

7. Click on Update Button to see the changes.

Wants to open a PDF in the new tab?

It’s usually preferred to load the PDF file in a new tab rather than in the same tab because it’s easy for the visitors to read and they can also return back to your site. Open a PDF in the new tab do the following:

1. Click within your linked text.

2. Click on Edit button.

Edit the href Link

3. Go to Link options button like this:

Click on Link Options

4. Check the Open link in a new tab and click Update.

Open In New Tab

5. Now, Click on the Update button to save the Post or Page.

2. Upload & Embed PDF in Post or Page

You can also upload PDF file in your WordPress Posts or Pages with a WordPress Plugin.
1. First, install the PDF Embedder Plugin, activate it in your site.

Pdf Embedder Plugin

2. Go to Settings >> PDF Embedder to configure the basic settings of Plugin.

How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site ? 1

3. Here you can provide the Height and Width of the Embedder and other basic settings.

How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site ? 2

4. Now, Edit the Post or Page where you want to embed PDf file. Click on Add Media button to upload a PDF file.

Click on Add Media

5. After uploading a PDF file, click on Insert. It generates a Shortcode like this:

Embed Shortcode Using Pdf

6. Click on the Update button to see the changes.

I hope you like this article and it helped you to learn the uploading PDF files in WordPress.

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