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Ensures Email Deliverability with Different SMTP Servers

WP Mail Booster is an Easy, Lightweight, and Moderately Configurable Plugin which allows you to configure and send all outgoing emails via Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other email sending SMTP services.

What WP Mail Booster can do for you?

WP Mail Booster is a free SMTP plugin that provides various SMTP services in one as well as also stores your email logs data. This plugin also gives you the ability to configure your account with API details without providing password details.
API Email Support

API Email Support

WP Mail Booster is fully compatible with other email service providers which uses API details to configure your account on your website. API Email support services are

Update Notifications

Update Notifications

With WP Mail Booster you will receive an email notification every time whenever there is an update available or its updated. It provides email alerts when

Email Logs Analytics

Email Logs Analytics

Email Logs provides a graphical representation of overall outgoing emails. It displays the total number of sent and failed emails according to the date.

How to Configure WP Mail Booster?

Simply go through the series of steps to configure WP Mail Booster on your website.

WP Mail Booster 1
WP Mail Booster 2

Essential WP Mail Booster Elements

WP Mail Booster is reliable & powerful SMTP plugin to improve the deliverability of your emails. Its simplicity in design and function makes it more secure and convenient.

Fast & Easy Setup

Fast & Easy Setup

With few clicks configure your account on outgoing email using your preferred SMTP server

Resend Emails

Resend Emails

Save yourself from hassle. WP Mail Booster allows you to resend emails on a single click

Notification Alerts

Notification Alerts

Get notification alerts on each and every failure of emails with Pushover, Slack & Emails

Multisite Compatibility

Multisite Compatibility

Configure plugin, set Fetch Settings to Network Site & enjoy full control over all sub-sites

Key Features

Different Mailer Type

Different Mailer Types

WP Mail Booster allows you to send your Email with more advanced SMTP mailer or PHP Mailer. SMTP requires authentication of clients before allowing access to them whereas PHP Mailer does not require authentication for sending emails.​

Mailer Types are

WP Mail Booster reconfigure the wp_mail() function so you can set up your own outgoing email settings.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication

With OAuth 2.0 protocol, you have no need to store your email password in the WordPress database. WP Mail Booster provides an extra layer of security with OAuth Authentication. Using this, if you change your email account password, you won't need to update your credentials, it's a set-and-forget feature.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication require

From WP Mail Booster you have to copy redirect URI & Paste to Authorized Redirect URIs settings. OAuth 2.0 Authentication works with Google SMTP Service.

OAuth Authentication
Encryption Types

Different Types of Encryption

WP Mail Booster uses the different type of encryption to provide better privacy and authentication with your Mail Servers.

Encryption Types Available

TLS proceed to secure connections after successful communication between Client & Server whereas SSL directly proceeds to secure connections.

Override Default Options

WP Mail Booster allows you to override the in-built default values of sender name and email address on outgoing emails.

Override Options available

By overriding these default values, you can display your chosen name and email at recipient’s end.

Override Default Option
Debug Output

Debugging Output

In case mail not send due to some problem, you can view the complete debug output and reveals the possible reasons of failure emails and also fixed the errors.

Information Available

The Debugging Output totally depends on SMTP host, different output from different hosts.

Email Logs

WP Mail Booster comes with an advanced feature of Email Logs. You can see the status of all outgoing emails along with its content. You don't need to worry about undelivered emails you can see the possible cause of each unsent email using the debugging output.

Available Options

Email Logs eliminates the worry of storing all the outgoing emails of your website. It maintains all the information of sent and failure emails.
You’ll also be able to perform different action on each of the emails.

Email Logs
Filter Email Logs

Filter Email Logs

This feature helps you to filter out your all outgoing mails according to date and status. You can filter all the emails in one go or filter out the total sent and not sent emails individually.

Filter Logs According to

Moreover, you can also specify the number of logs you want to see in one time.

Email Analytics & Statistics

WP Mail Booster provides graphical statistics so that you can monitor your overall email traffic. Your email analytics are updated in real-time so that reports are always upto date.

Display Information

With the help of this, you can easily figure out the total no of sent and not sent emails on a particular date.

Email Analytic Statistics
Auto Clear Email Logs

Auto Clear Email Logs

This feature gives a big relief from manually delete the logs from the table.
Auto Clear option delete the logs automatically after the specified days.

Delete Email Logs after

Notifications Alerts

When your mails are very precious for you then never take a risk of failed emails. WP Mail Booster comes with third-party services which act as a gateway and helps to send notification on each and every failure of emails.

Notification Alert Services

Notifications Alerts
Dashboard Widget Statistic

Dashboard Widget Statistics

In the dashboard of your WordPress site, WP Mail Booster displays statistics widget with complete information about your Sent or Not Sent emails in the table.

Get Information about

This widget also provides the information about the mailer type and more details that are used to configured to sent emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about WP Mail Booster? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

You can install WP Mail Booster on Unlimited Sites.

You will get a notification about the WP Mail Booster in your WordPress Back-End whenever an update is available.

You can update it automatically with just a click.

You can expect that WP Mail Booster will get improved, optimized, and bug-free plugin every time you will update.

A changelog about various updates is available on our website.

Yes! It is required to renew your license whenever it gets expired.

Once your license expires, you would not be able to use the product.

Moreover, you will miss the latest updates and support from us.

For this reason, we suggest purchasing the Lifetime License.

No, it won’t break the site at all, but you will lose the control from existing reports such as Email Reports. It just gets locked.

WP Mail Booster Pro Edition offers you Full Features, Support & Updates for Unlimited Sites.

WP Mail Booster Developer Edition offers you Full Features, Support & Updates for Unlimited Sites with Contact Bank, Backup Bank, Gallery Bank, Coming Soon Booster & Captcha Bank Pro Edition.

Whereas Agency Edition offers Full Features with Support & Updates for Unlimited Sites with Captcha Booster, Clean Up Optimizer, Coming Soon Booster, Contact Bank, Facebook Like Box, Gallery Bank, Google Maps Bank & Limit Attempts Booster Pro Edition.

Absolutely yes! You can upgrade your license at a prorated rate by contacting our customer support.

Sure. You can upgrade just by paying the difference of what you have paid us already. Please get in touch with us, and we will help you with the upgrade process.

Unfortunately, we don’t support downgrading any of our products.

PayPal is the only payment gateway that Tech Banker supports.

We proudly provide active one-to-one support to our customers via our Ticket System.

We firmly believe in and stand behind our products 100%.

But we understand that it cannot work precisely for everyone.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money.

You can apply for a refund within 14 days of purchase [ Terms & Conditions Apply ].

No problem. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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