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Backend Demos - WP Mail Booster

WP Mail Booster Backend Demos

We have made it very simple for the end user to take advantage of these Backend Demos.

Each step and the modules has been explained very clearly and with the help of adequate screenshots.

This will help the customer become easily familiar with the platform.

Happy Reading!

Validate License

WP Mail Booster Licensing
WP Mail Booster Licensing

Wizard Setup

Account Info Wizard Setup
Account Info
PHP Mail Function Login Credentials
Login Credentials - PHP Mail Function
SMTP Details Login Credentials
Login Credentials - SMTP Details
SendGrid API Login Credentials
Login Credentials - SendGrid API
MailGun API Login Credentials
Login Credentials - MailGun API
Test Email
Verify - Test Email
Debugging Output
Verify - Debug Output

Email Reports

Email Logs
Email Logs


Email Notification Service Setting
Email Settings
Pushover Notification Service Settings
Pushover Settings
Slack Notification Service Settings
Slack Settings

Plugin Settings

Plugin Settings
Plugin Settings

Roles & Capabilities

Roles and Capabilities
Roles and Capabilities

System Information

System Information
System Informaton
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